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Mix opens to hosting providers

Le 24 April 2014, 10:43 dans Humeurs 0

Seeweb (hosting services) has entered clients to Mix (Milan Internet Exchange). Until last year, only ’ the Internet Service providers, operators that provide Internet access services, were qualified to join the Mix and use the services of traffic interchange (peering) throughout the country.

L ’ Seeweb input represents for the milanese organization ’ the first step towards the liberalization of regulations and an expansion of services offered?The basis for this decision is the maturation of the Internet services market that we recorded in recent times. ? said Joy Marino, President of the Mix. We hope you will inaugurate a new line of cooperation with operators who provide content and hosting services?.

Seeweb deals with hosting, colocation, colocation and content delivery since 1998. In its two locations, in the historical one of Frosinone and its new branch in Milan, both with carrier class data center, is home to more than 50,000 websites. Lenovo K910 Mix manages a total traffic exchanged 12 Gbps and peering services to about 60 Italian and foreign Isp with interests on the Italian market.

Mix provides a range of services to ISPs. The most classic is institutional unicast peering on the public Lan with which providers are able to Exchange Ip traffic via high-speed layer 2 equipment Milan Exchange. The service is available for ISPs that operate in the field of the provision of Internet access and/or provision of hosting services, provided that such services are made at ’ in an own Ip address space and its own Autonomous systems. ISPs that want to connect to the Mix can make l ’ access through the drafting of its circuits or fiber or contact the many access providers already present in the Mix. Peering equipment can be installed in the Mix or maintained data in remote locations. ISPs can connect with one or more doors to the Mix for switch redundancy guarantees. Other facilities are the ability to wirelessly access? "out of band? using a dedicated system for ISPs that install the equipment in the room peering data, providing for the physical installation of the ’ peering router and the prewiring is certificate from them to switch the Mix; the ’ controlled room accessibility, fully redundant power supply for the equipment present in the room.

in addition, thanks to bilateral agreements made by Mix, on the public Vlan can open direct peering relationships with replicas of 2 of the 13 root name servers that exist in the world (i. and k. and ’ based on the Domain Name System (Dns), as well as with some secondary name servers of ccTLDs including infant?.eu?

Isps have the possibility to create multicast peering agreements on the public Lan using the same resources already in place for exchanging unicast traffic. Even Mix, adapting European scenario of strong encouragement to ’ adoption of next-generation Ip Protocol, it is equipped with the necessary instruments to the switching of IPv6 traffic on their equipment.

With the interconnection service to carrier ISPs can purchase connectivity to the Internet quickly and all ’ in a safe structure without further investment in equipment. ISPs can turn to many operators present with transmission and/or devices with optical terminator drawers.


SAP and HP collaborate to Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Le 18 April 2014, 09:29 dans Humeurs 0

SAP and HP have expanded their cooperation in the field of Business Intelligence with ’ NetWeaver Business Warehouse integration with HP Neoview Platform for the data warehouse entreprise. Integration software users can utilize SAP NetWeaver BW and other SAP applications Business Intelligence oriented Neoview Platform that enables the large access ’ data base of ZOPO ZP1000 smartphone online on kingsouq shopping mall.

the first pilot projects from customers are scheduled for the first quarter of 2010, while the solution will come in full availability the following quarter. The success of large organizations in their business areas is increasingly tied to real-time access to large volumes of data and to facilitate these transactions in the SAP environment should provide the product announced.

In this regard, Hitachi also confirmed the launch of ’ development of the market through the cooperation of agents, with the focus on vertical markets such as Healthcare ’ l. File services industry outlines Idc's analysts as one in which the data are growing exponentially. About Hitachi managers report an annual value of 600 million dollars, with the ’ Italy in fourth place among the country value.


RIM also thinks Italy for all his store of software

Le 11 April 2014, 03:34 dans Humeurs 0

the growth of mobile telephony in countries with more mature market is driven by two related phenomena: w ’ buyer interest toward smartphones and disseminating applications for mobile platforms. Decisive factor for the success of the ’ mobile applications has been the realisation by sellers, virtual stores, the store, the sales and distribution channel for developers.

Research In Motion (RIM) has launched its star smartphone dual sim application storefront in March 2009 under the name BlackBerry App World. A good portion of these applications were developed by the partners of the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Alliance Program, which is RIM's program that collects more than 1,000 independent software developers worldwide who create and distribute applications for the BlackBerry platform for many years.

RIM Recently made free ’ access to the program in addition to simpler registration for all software houses wishing to join it. ’ in order to raise awareness of the opportunities offered by mobile applications, RIM Italy has set up a contest that aims to stimulate Italian exponents of the world of software development to try this new, interesting applications. Registrations are open to all students, scientific research centres, small software house (with an annual turnover of less than EUR 5 million) and independent more at:

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